Chairman's Statement
KWG upholds a return to family values, healthy living and a focus on emotional and artistic expression.


商業空間在不斷進步發展,商場正逐漸擺脫傳統單純購物的消費模式,成長為更加注重客戶需求與體驗的場所空間,個人健康、家庭回歸、服務體驗、傳達情感等重要價值觀成為合景泰富購物中心的重要內涵,集團在項目設計及安排上極為注重消費者的需求與體驗,在戶外設計歡樂水景、生態園林、兒童娛樂、家庭活動、特色餐飲等復合性場所;室內空間更加注重個性需求,重點營造女性、兒童、文創、特色餐飲街;在藝術傳達方面,聘請國外一流藝術家,結合商場主題設計互動藝術裝置;在客戶服務上,精心設計 VIP 貴賓室,提供商品打包送貨等系列貼心服務。一切工作都是不遺余力地探索商業項目的可持續發展方向,營造品質、樂活的體驗空間。


孔健岷 合景泰富地產董事局主席

KWG upholds a return to family values, healthy living and a focus on emotional and artistic expression. We maintain the pursuit of excellence, with full respect for the culture and heritage of each city. According to local conditions, we aim to innovate; to create ‘personalized’ meeting spaces and experiences.

With Ufun and M·CUBE, KWG Group brings to the market two important brands. Ufun’s focus is on fashion, health and a 'LOHAS' way of life, but also the enjoyment of life. The M·CUBE is to provide the current lifestyle experience for young people. Commercial space is in a state of flux. Malls are moving away from traditional consumption patterns towards offering more space and a richer experience. Personal health, family reunification, service and experiences combine to convey emotions, and have become an important aspect of a KWG Mall.

The design and arrangement of space allows visitors to experience the joy of the outdoors, with water features, ecological gardens, children's entertainment, family activities, food and drink and other immersive spaces. The interior pays more attention to individual needs, with a focus on families, children, cultural and creative spaces, catering streets etc. The presence of foreign artists, combined with interactive art all serves to create a memorable experience built on quality, and LOHAS to KWG malls.

The future of KWG Group's development strategy is to gradually upgrade and extend the traditional real estate offer into fashion, lifestyle, healthcare and tourism.This offers families a better quality, more comfortable lifestyle, creating more happy hours in their week,and make the enterprise value and social benefits get all-win.

Mr. Kong Jian Min
Chairman and Founder of KWG Property



KWG Property Holding Limited was founded in 1995, and operates a diversified business structure that mainly focuses on real estate development and integrates with asset operations and property management. On 3 July, 2007, the Company was successfully listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 1813). Following years of healthy development, KWG Property received wide recognition within the industry due to its outstanding ability to offer products, excellent risk resistance capacity, and scientific and prudent development strategies. Over the years, KWG Property has received numerous honors and awards. In 2017, it was recognized as one of the “ 2017 Best 50 of China Real Estate Developers ”,“ 2017 Best 10 of Development of China Real Estate Developers”,“ 2017 Best 50 China Real Estate Listed Companies with Strongest Comprehensive Strengths”,“2017 Best 50 of China Real Estate Developers Brand Value”and“2017 Top 20 Brands of China Real Estate Companies”.